Sparco: a testing framework for sparse reconstruction

E. van den Berg, M. P. Friedlander, G. Hennenfent, F. Herrmann, R. Saab, Ö. Yılmaz
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 35(4):1–16, 2009

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Sparco is a framework for testing and benchmarking algorithms for sparse reconstruction. It includes a large collection of sparse reconstruction problems drawn from the imaging, compressed sensing, and geophysics literature. Sparco is also a framework for implementing new test problems and can be used as a tool for reproducible research. Sparco is implemented entirely in Matlab, and is released as open-source software under the GNU Public License.


The paper documents the Sparco Toolbox. You might also want to check out the more modern Spot Linear Operator Toolbox for Matlab.


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